It's always nice to see residents of Casper rallying together for a common goal, no matter how big or small that goal might be.

Last week (June 28th, 2022), we reported that Casper Dairy Queen locations would no longer be offering fry sauce as a condiment option.

The local Dairy Queen locations posted a sign that read:

We're sorry. Our supplier is no longer offering Fry Sauce. we need your help to try to bring it back.Please call the DQ hotline 1(866) 793-7582 ask that they Fry Sauce in Casper.

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The good news is, it worked!

I had the chance to speak to the Poplar location store manager, Danielle Wenzel, who was elated to share the news. As of today (Tuesday, July 5th, 2022), the beloved condiment is back on the menu at the Casper locations.

The people have spoken and fry sauce is back! Way to go, Casper!

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