The total solar eclipse only lasted a few minutes, but the imprint of this wondrous spectacle will last a lifetime in the minds of the spectators.

The 2017 solar eclipse was a marvelous sight to behold. Folks from all over the world traveled to Casper to witness the grandeur of one of nature's finest displays. Hundreds of people gathered at the newly opened David Street Station in downtown Casper to watch the event in the heart of the Casper Eclipse Festival.

As the imminent totality grew closer, a hush fell over the crowd as all were anticipating the one moment they all had been waiting for. The light grew dimmer and dimmer. There was noticeable change in temperature as the moon continued its path in front of the sun. When totality was finally reached, there was nothing but exhilarated cheers as Casper went into a brief dusk-like state.

This was a truly awe-inspiring event to be a part of. Casper did a great job of playing the role of host to the world's eclipse enthusiasts. This was absolutely amazing.

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PHOTOS: Downtown Casper Flourishes During the Total Solar Eclipse

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