Casper boosts all different types of musical talents, from the R&B crooning of Aquile, the Country sounds of Patrick W Stafford, to the Hip-Hop sounds of Osh. Enter teenage singer supreme, Adri.

The 15-year old songstress was born and raised right here in Casper. Adri's 3-song EP, Outta My Head, which was recorded in California with assistance from some great producers, is currently available to stream and download now on all major platforms (including Spotify and Apple Music).

Check out her bio:

Adriana Witte, known in the Wyoming music scene as Adri, is one of kind in her art. Her unique voice paired with her extensive training, beginning at age 10, has given her the opportunity to record her first EP. This soon to be released collection, produced by The Heavyweights will include three songs; "I'm on To You", "Running", and "Thinking About You". Each song musically illustrates the emotion of a teen in love. With the first two describing break-up and emotional exhaustion, with "Thinking About You" helping the listeners relate to love. This is not her first experience working with those in the industry. She not only receives voice lessons from well renowned Lis Lewis, but has also made it to the call back rounds of The Voice. She shares her passion of singing with the community of Casper, WY where she was born and raised. Several times she has performed the national anthem for the city's high school sporting events and had the opportunity to perform with Aquile, seen on The Voice. Her natural stage presence screams STAR! Watch out for her EP release and next big moves in 2020.

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Per her Instagram page, Adri is set to release remixes of her first single, Thinking Bout You, next week (June 16th, 2020).

Currently, her music is being played on radio stations across the country in places like Atlanta, Chicago, Seattle, Connecticut and San Francisco.

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