A local firefighter and musician, country singer Patrick W Stafford truly is the total package. Today (Friday, May 15th, 2020), he released his latest single titled: Really Really Pretty.

I had the chance to talk to Patrick about the song. He stated:

This is a song I was holding so I could stick it on the next album. With COVID, hitting I figured I should get some feel good music out into the world. My band and I recorded this new single in Casper, Wyoming when we recorded my last single “As Long As You Stay Gone”. The intro to “Really Really Pretty “ was something I kept hearing in my head. When I was writing the song, I kept thinking low and then high. My lead guitarist absolutely nailed what I was thinking. On a good stereo the Bass work by Bunce, my bass player, is wicked and drives the song. This is a real uplifting tune. I figured the world is a little crazy right now and could us some “Really Really Pretty”. I wrote this song for my wife. The ups and downs that come with marriage and how blessed I am to have found someone like her.

We're sure glad Patrick decided to bless us with some homegrown, Casper-style, feel good music. The single is available now on Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.

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