As if getting his car stuck in the North Platte wasn't bad enough, a Casper teenager found himself in handcuffs Saturday afternoon after apparently "spinning cookies" on the ice-covered river.

Bryce Anthony Dacus, 19, was arrested for possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license and careless driving.

Casper police officers responded to the area of East M Street and North Lincoln Street at about 2:45 p.m. Saturday after someone called police and said a vehicle had broken through the ice of the river near the North Casper Clubhouse.

Court documents say police found tire tracks going down the boat ramp toward the ice.

Officers found the vehicle stuck in the ice about 175 feet east of the boat ramp, with the passenger-side tires submerged in the water and the driver-side tires stuck on the ice.

Tire marks reportedly indicated that the vehicle had been driving in circles, or "spinning cookies," on the ice.

Dacus and another man were standing outside the vehicle when officers arrived. Dacus allegedly told police that they were "going fishing" and had gotten stuck.

The officer asked about their apparent lack of fishing gear, and the pair replied that they planned to return that night.

According to the police affidavit, the other person told police that Dacus was driving the vehicle and got them stuck. Dacus reportedly told an officer he was just trying to get the vehicle unstuck.

Dacus was arrested on an outstanding warrant. When the arresting officer searched Dacus, he allegedly found a bag of marijuana in Dacus' coat.

Dacus allegedly claimed the coat was not his and instead belonged to his uncle. He later reportedly said he was holding the marijuana for his cousin until he got off work.

Court records show Dacus was on probation at the time. His criminal history reportedly includes DWUI and traffic violations.

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