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It's a stretch of road in Casper that serves many purposes. For some, it's a place to drag race. For others, it's simply a place to gather with friends under lights, without continual harassment from others.

But for a lot of people, the area served more nefarious purposes.

For Chance Sanchez, it served as both an escape and, eventually, a prison.

It's a prison he broke out of, however, and now he wants to tell the story.

But he needs Casper's help to do it.

Sanchez is a Casper-turned-L.A. filmmaker who is making a semi-autobiographical movie about, according to Deadline, a "preternaturally intelligent young man's descent into an underbelly of drug running and violence."

The film is inspired by his own life and it's a life that, well, could make for a very good movie.

Sanchez grew up in Casper and graduated valedictorian from Natrona County High School. Which doesn't really seem like much of a movie plot but, as in most cases, if you look just beyond the surface, you'll see the depths that Sanchez had to climb out of.

"The story is inspired by some of the obstacles I faced before getting into Wharton," Sanchez told K2 Radio News. "During high school I was also struggling in poverty with a parent suffering from drug addiction, but with the help of Casper’s community I was able to overcome the adversity and chase my dreams."

So now, he wants to give back to the community, in whichever ways he can.

One of those ways is by filming parts of his movie in Casper. He's doing that on Saturday, September 24 and he needs extras. Like, lots of extras.

"I wrapped up most of the movie in Casper last summer, but I’m back to finish up a few big scenes," Sanchez said. "The scene I’m seeking extras for takes place at a college speaking event. We’re shooting at the Casper College Music Hall and I need a lot of extras for the audience. Ideally college aged."

So, if you're a young (or young-looking) budding actor with some time on your hands Saturday, now is the perfect time to get some screen time in a real, Hollywood-produced film.

"I’ll be filming throughout the week, but the college scene starts shooting on Saturday at 6pm," Sanchez said.

If you end up in the film, you'll be in good company.

Deadline reported that "Brandon Thomas Lee (The Hills: New Beginnings), Jackson Rathbone (Twilight) & Diane Gaeta (Adopt a Highway) will co-star opposite Chance Sanchez in his debut feature, Zero Road, which recently wrapped production."

Rathbone is best known for his role of Jasper Hale in the Twilight series of films. He has also appeared in 'The Last Airbender, Finding Carter, The O.C., and more.

"Rathbone plays Gene, a mysterious auto mechanic masterminding a drug operation out of his shop, with an inexplicable intellect that reveals a calamitous past," Deadline wrote.

The shoot will be fun but the movie, judging by the film's description, will be tough (but absolutely fascinating) to watch.

Every town has its secrets. Every town, even small ones like Casper, has an underbelly. This film will explore parts of that but, as Sanchez said, it will also explore how the Casper community rescued a young man who easily could have drowned.

And you can be a part of that film.

Filming is happening at the Casper College Music Hall on Saturday, September 24 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. To sign up to be an extra, you can visit this link. 

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