Mayonnaise as a condiment is awesome. Even when it's used in potato salad, it's still a good thing. I know this will sound weird, but ever since I first saw Pulp Fiction, I occasionally even use it instead of ketchup for my french fries (don't judge me). But the thought of mayo as an ice cream flavor almost literally makes my stomach turn.

An ice cream shop by the name of Ice Falkirk (located in Falkirk, Scotland), known for it's zany and wacky flavors, is the creator of this strange concoction. Their official mission statement reads:

Here at Ice we specialise in creating a truly unique range of artisan ice cream flavours. Each flavour is available for your indulgence in a variety of styles including cones, tubs or why not try it along side one of our scrumptious hot desserts. As well as having a delicious range of ice cream flavours and hot desserts we can also make you a specialised ice cream milkshake based on the flavours you choose from our range.

So the question is:

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