The Central Wyoming Fair & Rodeo Annual Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival saw many local artists of all ages beautifying downtown Casper between Center and David Streets!

The festival kicked off with a free pancake breakfast put on by the Kiwanis Club at 8 a.m.

Chalk was provided for the first 300 contestants to register as well as a t-shirt featuring art from last year's winner, DaLisha, who is from Loveland, Wyoming.

DaLisha returned this year with her daughter to compete in the 2022 competition and was busy working on a life-sized koi pond when k2news stopped to take pictures.

She told k2news that the pair had only just thought of their idea for this year's festival on the drive over.

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Many of the competitors said they'd been coming for years. This was the 12th annual year festival.

By 9 o'clock the temps were in the high 80s!

Nevertheless, many artists persisted...several worked for 3+ hours on their chalk creations.

Pamela Rush, one of the participants, was working on a colorful trout when k2news caught up with her to chat. She said she has lived in Casper her whole life and enjoys working with other mediums like acrylic paint and watercolors. She decided to create a fish because she looked at the previous winners' art and wanted to do something that hadn't been done before.

Lowell Lund, "a veteran and patriot," created an homage to the red, white and blue with a banner spelling: These Colors Bleed They Don't Run.

Lund said this was his 3rd year participating in the chalk festival.

There were was a huge turnout for the event and lots of smiling faces despite the high temps.

Casper has some amazing talent.


Check Out the CWFR Sidewalk Chalk Art Festival 2022

Local artists--young and old--beautifying the downtown sidewalks of Casper!

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