They always say 'Go big or go home,' and Casper's Levi Troutman (AKA 'Kamikaze Kid') isn't ready to go home just yet.

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Just a week after Casper's Logan Wilson played in the Super Bowl, Troutman is proving himself as another Hometown Boy Making Good, as he competes in the TBS reality/action series the 'Go Big Show.'

In the week prior, Troutman's competitors unexpectedly left the competition, which automatically brought the Kid to the semi-finals. But Troutman is #CasperStrong (we don't know why we're hash tagging in an article either, but just...okay?) and he wasn't satisfied with moving on via a technicality. So he had a lot to prove.

"For anyone that's doubting that I made it through on a technicality, I definitely have some proving to do," Troutman said in a video shared by TBS. "This next act is called the Gates of Hell. It's over 700 degrees of heat and I have about 30 seconds before I'm gonna get burnt. After the stunt, there will be no doubts left in anyone's mind that I should be in the finals."

So, this is what happened.

Troutman set up 11 walls on the the 'Go Big Show' Stage. Then, he set those walls on fire. Then, he set himself on fire. Then, he ran through the walls.

As they (we don't know who 'they' are either, but just...okay?) always say, "If you play with fire, you're gonna get burned." Well, on this night, Troutman did, in fact, play with fire. But he also broke his personal record by running through 11 different walls.

Did he prove himself enough to Rosario Dawson, Cody Rhodes, and the rest of the 'Go Big Show' judges? Did he make it to the finals of the show? You can find out for yourself this Thursday at 7 p.m. on TBS. You can also check out his stunt below:

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