It was a phenomena that lasted 18 months. Largely because it took 18 months of complaints for anyone to finally investigate the issue.

In the quiet village of Aberhosan, Powys (Wales, UK), every one of the approximately 130,000 households in the region suffered from a severe interference with their broadband internet at 7am. Always only at 7am.

We have plenty of internet issues around Wyoming, but seldom are they so predictable or consistent.

The first approach to resolving the problem was checking old connection cables, which were then replaced. It made no difference, and the village continued to struggle every day at 7am. Eventually, a "crack squad" from the UK's Chief Engineers Office were deployed to Aberhosan to investigate the last possible option.

“Having exhausted all other avenues we wanted to do one final test to see if the fault was being caused by a phenomenon known as SHINE (Single High-level Impulse Noise) where electrical interference is omitted from an appliance that can then have an impact on broadband connectivity”, engineer Michael Jones said.

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And then, a breakthrough - SHINE was indeed occurring, and pinpointed to a secondhand tv set in an unidentified household. Every day at 7am, the homeowner would turn on their tv set, which caused an electric interference in the rest of the village.

The householder has been noted as understandably embarrassed and "mortified", and asks to not be named. Personally, I think they could become an internet sensation with this little mishap, and with few repercussions other than some online mockery. But hey, if you disturb people's internet every morning for 18 months, maybe that's exactly what you deserve.

I'm kidding. That poor person was not intentionally doing anything, but it doesn't make the whole scenario seem less like something in a sitcom. Maybe we should consider grandma's old 1960s tv set as a possible culprit next time anyone in Wyoming complains about the frequently slow broadband we also experience.

Please also note that, since discovering the problem, the owner of the secondhand television set has sworn to never use the device again, and the people of Aberhosan have had peaceful mornings at 7am ever since.

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