If you could use an innocent laugh today, try this one. A dog owner captured video of their dog practicing to look mean and it's maybe the best thing you'll see today.

If you have never spent quality time with a Golden Retriever, you're missing out. Their personalities are big and unpredictable. Watch this big guy practicing his "tough look" in a mirror.

This fierce guy's owner shared the backstory of what she saw:

I was sitting in my room with my dog when I noticed him staring at the mirror. I first thought he was looking at me through the mirror, then I realized he was looking at himself and started making faces at himself which is when I took the video.

The AKC website describes Golden Retrievers as "friendly, intelligent and devoted". Their activities are also said to be "merry actions". You can add professional comedian to this retriever's resume as he obviously has a great dog sense of humor.

There is little doubt that this dog is destined for his 15 minutes of internet fame thanks to his vogue session in the mirror.

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