Wonder no more. Friday the new owners of the Wonderbar and Poor Boys Steakhouse revealed their plans .  Tony and Cole Cercy say the Wonderbar will have a new, and old name, C-85 at the Wonderbar.

Tony Cercy says they're going to completely dismantle and refurbish the place. “This middle floor of the Wonderbar will still be a restaurant. Our vision of that restaurant, of course, is that we want to give it a more modern look. We want to open it up so you can visualize the chef. The bar, we are going to keep it where it’s located.”

He says they're going to do all they can to keep the iconic wooden panel behind the bar.

“We’re going to make every effort to keep that piece,” says Tony. “We’re going to have some contractors and woodworkers in to maybe even make it larger, and that’s our intention. If the woodworkers come back and say it’s not refurbishable, we’ll have to build it again, but our intentions are to try to keep it for sure."

Cole Cercy says they want a family atmosphere with an affordable menu. “If you go into an old downtown building you see the real history of Casper and it isn’t cowboys and Indians and stuff like that. It’s real working class people and that image is what I’d like to bring into this place. A place where you can bring your family and have a very nice dinner.”

The upper floor, they say, will have a sports-bar feel, adding windows and other changes to look out on the new plaza.

As to Poor Boys, it will become C-85 at the Pump Room, keeping that historic bar and remodeling inside and out, but it will not be a restaurant.

“We will maintain the bar, the old pump room downstairs with some new fixtures and such. In the center area it will be a liquor store in lieu of a restaurant. We do have plans to move the current kitchen and put our brewery equipment there as well as a deli."

The Cercys said they're dedicated to hiring local firms wherever possible, and they'll be working on both facilities simultaneously.

“They told us it will be hard to make that eclipse date next year.” Tony said. “We’re shooting for that but can’t make any promises. We want to be part of the Casper Eclipse event, it’s a big deal, so if we can help, we want to help.”

C-85 , by the way stands for "Cole", and the year he was born.


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