TommL, Getty Images

We asked a few days ago, "what are the worst type of drivers in Casper?" This got A LOT of response! Over 300 total votes and many Facebook responses later, here are the results...

1. The distracted driver 20.66%

2. The drive way too slow driver 15.13%

3. The ride your tailgate driver 15.13%

4. The run the red light driver 10.7%

5. The driver who can't stay in their lane 9.23%

6. The don't use my blinker driver 8.49%

7. The drive way too fast driver 4.43%

8. The speed in a school zone driver 4.05%

*The poll also allowed users to enter their own answers, here's the top responses:

*All of the above 

*All Casper drivers 

*Doesn't pull into the intersection while waiting to turn left at a green light 

*Driving too fast in bad weather

*Bright off road lights with dim headlights

*Can't maintain a lane

*My cellphone is more important driver

*Not paying attention to motorcycles driver

*Phone in one hand, cigarette in another hand 

*Parents picking up kids at school

*Driver who slams on their brakes 

*Not stopping for pedestrians 

*Driving next to you at the same speed