I have become something of a voyeur of Wyoming ranches and I've found one near Casper. It's the Seven X Ranch and I've corralled (pun intended) a video and 8 pics for you to check out.

I first came across this beautiful property after Clark & Associates dropped this sweet video on YouTube. The address is 14355 Clark Road and technically is Casper even though it's located about 20 miles to the southwest as the crow flies.

They also have quite a few pics on their listing website. Here are 8 highlights.

I've never been part of a working ranch, but my eyes know classic Wyoming land when I see it and this definitely qualifies. According to what I found on the official Clark & Associates website, the current asking price is $3,150,000. The share on YouTube says the same. Highly recommend you check out their site for even more pics and details.

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