There were more than just hot tempers during the NBA action between the Miami Heat and the Toronto Raptors. Cheyenne native James Johnson and Serge Ibaka traded some would-be blows and were both quickly ejected from the game.

From the video you can clearly see both players exchanged shots, but it is very difficult to determine who actually initiated the contact. The officials however did do an excellent job of separating both players before the exchange could escalate any further.

Both players have been known to get into physical altercations throughout their NBA careers, although it is a lot more common with Ibaka. Johnson is probably not one of the folks he would want to get in fight with though. The Cheyenne East graduate holds a second-degree black belt, has an undefeated record in seven mixed martial arts (MMA) matches and also holds a 20–0 record in kickboxing matches.

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