Construction crews are replacing aging bleachers at Washington Park with a nontraditional rock and concrete structure, according to a news release from the City of Casper.

Crews are replacing the bleachers with a pre-cast concrete block wall structure and concrete cap. It will consist of five levels and two raised platforms to allow viewing over the dugouts.

The bleacher platforms will be about five feet wide. Spectators will be able to sit in lawn chairs, on blankets or on the bleachers themselves. The new bleachers will seat between 250 and 400 spectators.

The bleachers at Washington Park ball field are decades old. They've been repaired and retro-fitted over the years. In 1980, the Babe Ruth Baseball Club raised money to cover the wooden seats with fiberglass covers.

The new structure can be used in more ways than traditional bleachers.

The city awarded the $304,320.71 project -- funded by Optional One-Cent Sales Tax funds -- to 71 Construction and WLC Engineering, which contracted for design and oversight. The rock structure is being purchased from Wyoming Precast Products.

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