Everyone has a guilty pleasure especially when it relates to food. There's a new study claiming a vast majority of people hide their snack eating from their significant other.

I found this food hilarity on Study Finds. The food company Sabra commissioned a study about how people handle their food habits. They found out that a startling 70% of people lie to their partners about what food they eat.

They came away with some other really interesting takeaways. More than half say their relationship causes them to eat less healthy. Another majority believes that if they ate better, their relationship would benefit.

The study also learned that a majority of people rely more on friends than romantic partners when it comes to encouragement to eat healthier foods.

This is anonymous, so I won't out you, but I'm wondering if you're among the majority that hide snacks and/or unhealthy foods from your significant other. Do you have candy bars hidden in the drawer your partner doesn't look in? If so, you're in good company.

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