If you are looking to move around the cowboy state I have found a list on Home snacks that has broken down how expensive it is to live in certain cities within Wyoming and they ranked the top 10 that are the cheapest places to live.

1. Worland Wyoming:

2. Lyman:

3. Greybull:

4. Rawlins:

5. Marbleton:

6. Newcastle:

7. Saratoga:

8. Kemmerer:

9. Wright:

10. Thermopolis:

Now, they found all this info and made this list based on income to average home price and income to the average rent in each city. Honestly, I'm not too surprised that Casper didn't make the list. I rent here and it's damn near cheaper to rent a house than an apartment.

But I think if I had to choose a city to move to if I couldn't afford Casper anymore, I'd have to choose Thermopolis. All the cool dinosaur stuff and the hot springs. It sounds like a none stop vacation.

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