Personally, I was hoping that this map was going to get a little more descriptive than it did with our state because there are so many ways you can describe Wyoming. I mean just get on Reddit or any other place on the internet and they will give you the honest truth about our state which is generally that it doesn't exist.

This is all thanks to our friends over at They always have some interesting things to put out there on the web.

But no, according to the autocomplete Google searches it describes Wyoming as 'windy'.

Well no duh. We already knew that.

At least we aren't like our friends to the SW. They got described as 'weird' now I've never been to Utah but I've heard my fair share of stories along with news articles. It doesn't sound like a place I'd like to visit any time soon.

What's even weirder is that Denver got 'cold' Out of all the states I was thinking we'd get that one.

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