Wyoming, and to be even more specific, Casper, has been the stepping stone for many a music artist, but the journey definitely doesn't stop there. Just ask rapper and entrepreneur, Statik G.

I got a chance to chalk it up with Statik about what he's been up to since leaving Casper and the work he's been putting in on the Denver music scene, as well as around the country. He stated:

So my album is Gene Therapy, final chapter out of a 7 album string. I set out to follow this solo journey in 2012 and planned on dropping Gene Therapy 12.02.2021! Came, saw and conquered. Former casper transplant now Denver based.

In that time since 2012 I’ve launched my own brand/record label RhymeSick, toured the nation coheadlining with artists like Project Pat, Afroman, KXNG Crooked, Do or Die, Bezz Believe, and more. Signed local up and coming artists including some from WY as well as celebrities like Haystak and Nappy Roots frontman Big V. Launched a merch line rhymesickshop.com including new Statik G merch to line up with the new music & tours. Plus created a crypto currency called Rhyme$ickCoin specifically designed to educate investors and provide a safe, expansive meta verse to invest in.

Find out more by emailing contact@rhymesick.com

Statik G’s "Gene Therapy" debuted at #11 on iTunes Charts and has almost half a million streams (as of December 4th, 2021).

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