What would you do if you saw friends in trouble, but knew helping them may cost your own life. If you're Wyoming teenager KyZaia Jones, you risk electrocution and end up walking out of a hospital a hero.

CBS Denver shared KyZaia's story. As they reported, he and his brother were leaving basketball practice in Kinnear, Wyoming. They saw girls they know who were in danger after an accident with a power pole. KyZaia acted to save his friends, but suffered 3rd degree burns over 50% of his body.

Denver doctors indicated that KyZaia had damage to his heart and possibly to his kidneys according to the CBS Denver report.

After six weeks in the hospital, KyZaia Jones walked out of the hospital a hero. He credits his family and his faith for getting him through the recovery. What compelled him to jump into a dangerous situation?

"The only thing going through my mind is that I had to help them"

Kinnear, Wyoming is located just to the northwest of Riverton. Thanks to skillful doctors and his supportive family, KyZaia can return there as the hero he most certainly is.

KyZaia displayed the incredible bravery and faith we can all cheer on. Hero.

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