The search is one for Casper's next Community Christmas Tree at David Street Station. Last year's tree was a huge Colorado blue spruce that had outgrown its surroundings and was causing issues with the house, so the owners donated the tree to be the first community Christmas Tree.

This year, officials are holding a contest to find the next one. "What we are asking people to do is to send us a picture on Facebook through private message, and then just a little blurb as to why it needs removed and a little bit of history about it," said Jackie Landess of David Street Station.

To be eligible, there must be a need for the tree to be taken out. "We can't just remove it because you want it removed, it needs to be a legitimate reason," said Landess, "because we don't want to take down a healthy tree."

A number of local businesses will donate their services to remove the tree, haul it, put it up at the Station, and decorate it. David Street Station officials and the professionals will decide the winner on November 1st.

The tree lighting ceremony will take place November 24th, which is Parade Day, Small Business Saturday, and the opening of the new ice skating rink at David Street Station.

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