Everybody loves a good playlist, but it takes a little more work than you’d expect. I’ll give you a few playlist building strategies! Your playlist is yours, do it how you want unapologetically. These are just some tips to help get you started.

“The Big Ol’ Playlist”

1.Put every song you enjoy no matter what the genre or emotion

2.Filter out the songs to your appropriate separate playlists.

This method has the least number of steps, but it is my least favorite. For me, a very messy brained person, I let this one playlist stack up and become a large hodgepodge with no plan behind it.

It’s nice to have a playlist that just has all the music you like on it, but if you’re in a bad mood this is anything but helpful. When I’m already angry or really sad, the last thing I want to hear is some happy go lucky, G chord playing, jerk who is much less lonely than I, brag about it. You may not even be upset; you may just feel like listening to a certain genre or want a specific (for lack of a better term) vibe you’re shooting for.

“The Song Dump”

1.Think of general idea for playlist

2.Write down or screenshot songs you want in playlist.

3.Continue to listen to music.

4.Every time you find a song record it or write it down

5.Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you feel satisfied with the amount of music you have.

6.Create new playlist, and put all previously recorded songs in it

This method takes the most time, but it allows you to cultivate a playlist for however long you need. I’ve sat on playlists for weeks at a time before actually making them. This is the most organized way to create mix your music that I have found.

“The Listen and Add”

1.Create new playlist

2.Listen to your music

3. Every time you find a song you believe fits the playlist, add it to said playlist.

I like to do this when I have an already made playlist so I can just add some extra flavor in. I’ve not had any luck starting playlists like this, but I have come back to many playlists and got to relive some memories I forgot I knew.

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