DISCLAIMER: Many wonderful people come to visit Wyoming every year and we have a great time getting to know them. I am not talking about you! 

Many of us have had just about enough of tourists coming to our state and leaving bad reviews behind on sites like YELP! 

WELL, Mr. and Mrs. Annoying Tourist, maybe there was nothing wrong with where you went.

Maybe you were the problem.


Maybe those BRATTY kids of yours that you're always yelling at are the problem. Maybe you have no idea how to raise kids.


Glenn Woods
Glenn Woods

I'm thinking we need to set up a social media site where locals can review the people who come through on vacation.

It would help counter the reviews of the vacationers.

That means we would leave good reviews when good people show up. But we can also respond to the annoying jerks and their annoying kids.

REVIEW: Two fat New Yorkers came into our little country restaurant today. They nitpicked everything and were heard making rude comments about the way the locals dressed. I wonder what they would think of us if we went to their state and did the same to them. One half star.

Actually, the last line of that review gives me an idea.

Furious woman shouting to smart phone at home

What if we followed some of these tourists home and reviewed where they came from?

REVIEW: Followed fat New Yorkers home. Man do they live in a smelly, noisy town. No wonder they had no idea how to handle all that fresh air in Wyoming. They picked on us for caring guns. But I was here 5 minuets in their gun free zone and I got MUGGED! Wish I had a gun.

Maybe I'm making too much work out of this.

What if we just had a way to review the reviewers on existing sites like YELP?

They should allow us to post videos of the people who wrote bad reviews about us. Then everybody could see what we had to deal with when these annoying jerks showed up and made &$#@ STUPID @&#$ out of themselves for a week.

Couple Arguing in Cafe
Scott Griessel

Dear Yelp,

We saw these people coming and we knew what we were in for. So we began taking pictures and shooting videos of them, knowing they were going to give us a bad review no matter what. We just want everyone to see what we were dealing with.

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