CY Middle School went into a state of "heightened awareness" Wednesday after one student made threats to a number of other students.

Tom Ernst, director of student support services for the Natrona County School District, says in a statement that the student who made the threat was disciplined in accordance with school board policy.

Later in the day, the student who had made the threat continued communicating, Ernst says. The student was not on any district campus at the the time.

That "continued communication" prompted CY Middle School to go into a "heightened awareness status" while school administration continued to investigate.

Local law enforcement was contacted, Ernst says, and the school's front entrance was closely monitored while all secondary doors were secured. Outside activities were restricted.

The school remained in a state of heightened awareness until roughly 1 p.m., when local law enforcement contacted the student who had made the threats. Officers determined there was no longer a threat to students or staff regarding the incident, and normal school operations resumed.

The statement from Ernst did not include further details.

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