When you hear  the terms staphylococcus, micrococcus, and bacillus what comes to mind? Germs, things you would find in a hospital, doctor's office or sick people.These germs are around us all the time especially on our cell phones. A new study suggests that our mobile devices are filthier than toilets. Will you get sick? That depends on how much bacteria you are exposed to, how strong your immune system is and how often you spread the germs to other places.

The biggest source of contamination is on your fingers. Wiping your eyes and nose and touching your mouth, yes, you could make yourself sick.  These germs can live up to a week on your mobile device and sharing phones with friends is not a good idea either.

You never know where someone's phone has been so you're putting yourself at risk by using a friends phone at any given time.

Antibacterial wipes and  rubbing alcohol is a good way to keep your phone clean and should be done every few days.

It's a good idea to use these items in the workplace too, because telephones and keyboards carry the same type germs.

A study conducted in the UK, found an alarming number of phones are also contaminated with some really nasty stuff. If you travel across the pond, don't borrow a phone for any reason whatsoever, however the same is true no matter where you are. You've been warned!!