With the recent acquisition of Cabela’s by Bass Pro Shops we were wondering if there should be one of their stores here in Wyoming. I am leery of mega-giants crushing the little mom-n-pop shops, but I also see benefits of a major attraction that could draw millions of people and dollars to our area.

I don’t like the amount of money drawn to be a deciding factor (i.e. Colorado and marijuana) but that’s my opinion. What’s yours?


Would you want a Cabela’s or Bass Pro Shop here? As of October 6th, 10 a.m., in our unscientific poll, you have said YES!

There were two comments submitted with the votes:


"City council voted against camel's when they wanted to be here."



"Not enough people. They will never come to Wyoming."



I would respectfully disagree with them never coming to The Cowboy State.

Bass Pro Shops has two stores in Colorado, granted, large markets Denver and Colorado Springs but they have been heavily grown in the eastern US so far.

But Cabela’s has multiple outlets in every state surrounding Wyoming.


Maybe this sale will bring change, if not big dollars and employment here.

We will keep the voting open for a bit longer.