Almost all of my friends do it.  Even some of my co-workers do it.  When talking to their girlfriends or wives on the phone, I noticed that their voice gets a bit higher than their normal talking tone.  How many other people out there are guilty of this voice anomaly?

Since no one has ever called me out on it, I can't be too sure if I participate in this act or not.  The fact is that most people doing it don't realize that they are doing it.  I suppose it seems natural to want to project a little extra cheeriness when speaking to a loved one on the phone.  It just seems odd that guys' voices will raise an entire octave or more when on the phone with their significant other.  Why is this?  I've noticed that the ones doing this only do it on the phone.  Very seldom do I hear the same octave rise when people are face to face.  It seems forced most of the time.  It's like dudes are afraid of getting in trouble if they sound bright and privileged to be on the phone.  I am in not talking smack on this.  I just find it funny.  Since this poll is mainly directed towards guys, I would love to get a female perspective on this matter.  Any ladies out there who can relate or have some good talking points on this, feel free to leave a comment and let your voice be heard.

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