Groceries? Check.

Fuel? Check.


For the locals during the week leading to the total eclipse of the sun through Wyoming and in Casper on Aug. 21?

Absolutely check, the director of the Wyoming Eclipse Festival said Monday during a regular meeting of the team coordinating the myriad aspects of the largest event in Casper's history.


The team includes representatives from the City of Casper and Natrona County, the city-county health department, the Wyoming Department of Transportation, the Wyoming Medical Center, and emergency management.

They and other agencies are preparing for the 35,000 people, give or take, expected to visit Casper for the eclipse.

But what about the rest of us who live here?

Local retailers of food and fuel are urging area residents to buy their groceries a week before the crowds arrive, and fill up their tanks a few days before the main event on Monday, Aug. 21, Wilcox said.

But don't go into loner survivalist mode, either.

You own the best seat in the house

"But as far as stocking up to hunker down for four or five days, which is what I feel a lot of  people are looking at it as, we are trying to encourage the opposite," she said. "There are so many amazing things that are happening."

The Wyoming Eclipse Festival website lists lots of events for the scientist to the tourist to the party-goers and the church-goers.

Festival organizers want not just the visitors from around the globe, but from around the block, too to eat at those food trucks, see the sites, see the people, and buy the tickets and attend the events, Wilcox said.
"So I don't want to feel like I want somebody to stock up on a week's worth of groceries and water and not leave the house," Wilcox said. "I'd like to see them out participate in everything that's happening."

"You own the best seat in the house," she said.


Eclipse preparation serves as a reminder about self-sufficiency to those of us who live in a state with usually friendly people but sometimes unfriendly elements.

People should have enough food, water, toiletries, medicine and other necessities in their vehicles and their homes to survive for 72 hours without assistance, said Audrey Gray, public health preparedness program manager of the City of Casper-Natrona County Health Department.

"We highly encourage that as a day-to-day thing, to keep you happy, basically," Gray said.

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