Halloween is almost upon us and, with that, various agencies are releasing 'Halloween Safety Tips' to ensure that the holiday goes off without a hitch.

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Add Casper Fire-EMS to that list, as the agency posted to their Facebook page a few tips and tricks to make sure that spooky season isn't ruined by, like, your house burning down or something.

"5 days until Halloween!" Casper Fire-EMS wrote. "Let's talk spooky season."

The agency reminded residents that the fire stations WILL be open for trick or treating from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. but that they should still operate with caution when approaching the stations,  as firefighters will still be on call and in service, responding to emergency calls.

"While many of our Veterans will cringe at the thought of strapping on a PT belt type of reflective device... your First Sergeant *did have a point* - add some reflective elements. Especially to dark-colored costumes," Casper Fire-EMS wrote.

They also reminded residents that even though candles are 'traditional,' they're not exactly safe for Wyoming conditions.

"Most folks who have lived in Casper longer than 3 minutes will probably understand that candles aren't a good idea in your pumpkins," they wrote. "They just don't work with our wind. The other point to take away is that any open flame presents a fire hazard. Opt for the battery-operated lights inside the pumpkins to keep the glow going and stay fire smart.

"In fact, skip the candles altogether. Dried decorations, paper, and other spooky decorations just don't mix with flame."

It's better to be safe than sorry, especially when fire is concerned. Casper Fire-EMS also recommended that, if you find yourself at a Halloween party, or a haunted house, or even just hanging out at a friend's house, you should always know two ways out of any place that you are in. They said that people should listen closely to directions given by haunted house hosts and performers.

"Lastly, if you're trick-or-treating in a vehicle, make sure to exercise extreme caution in neighborhoods," Casper Fire-EMS wrote. "Keep the headlights and hazard lights on, and remain constantly aware of your surroundings. Utilize car seats correctly, every time, and be sure to have your passengers enter and exit the vehicle slowly."

Casper Fire-EMS will be available all weekend should an emergency come up but if you follow these instructions, hopefully, your Halloween weekend will be fun, spooky, and safe!

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