As wildfires rage in California, two firefighters quickly became trapped when the wind changed direction, closing off any escape route. That is, until a helicopter arrived to airlift them out of the danger.

The rescuer on the tether was wearing a helmet camera. He was able to record the dramatic rescue moment-by-moment.

The video beings with a few quick repeated shots of the men being carried away. But wait for it.

The video then goes back to where you'll see two firefighters standing side by side as the searchlight from the rescuer illuminates them. About halfway into the video, you'll see more of what happened as the rescuer talks them through getting into their harness.

Then you'll see the men carried high above the flames with nothing but a rescue line wrapped around them.

The strong gusts of wind you hear as they men are being lifted out are caused by the fire.

Officials say the men were lifted out safely. They are fine, just a bit shaken up by the experience.

The video was sent to the Sonoma County Sheriff's office. The Sheriff's office then released it to the news media.

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Inside California Wildfires

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