It’s party season and I’m fine with people partying, until they get behind the wheel. Too many people are killed and injured each year because some idiot had to get their buzz on. My opinion is Darwinian. Wrap your car around a tree and die, gee, that’s a shame. Involve somebody else, and you should pay dearly.

Paid for with almost $500,000 in grant money, this vehicle will cost you big time if you have been drinking or drugging while driving. The Cheyenne Police Department have introduced their new weapon for combating impaired driving, their new DUI Task Force Command Center.

Wyoming’s problem with alcohol and drug impairment now faces a formidable new tool for detection of impaired driving. Police can now evaluate drivers on the spot, inside the vehicle with chemical testing, blood testing and breath tests on scene.

CPD’s new DUI task force command center will be out this weekend, looking for drunk & drugged drivers. It isn’t hard to see at 40’ long, 12’ high. They want us to know that impaired driving won’t be tolerated.

If you drink, have a designated driver. To report a drunk driver, click here.

Thank you, Dana Gage Photography