*Note: This video has been sped up.

If you did not have to drive to work today, consider yourself lucky.

I just recently purchased a new vehicle that has four-wheel-drive. My old vehicle, a 99' Toyota Corolla,  never stood a chance in this type of weather. Since this was my first opportunity to test out the four-wheel-drive capabilities, I decided to get some dashcam footage on my way to work. My new vehicle handled great in the snow. I saw a few other cars on the side of the road that were not having such an easy time.

All of the side roads were pretty bad with deep snow, which is to be expected as most of the plows were focused on clearing the main roads. Once I got on the main roads, the snow was pretty much cleared with the exception of the middle.

All and all, driving conditions were not that bad for me. For those who have low profile vehicles, I understand why you did not even attempt to drive to work this morning.