When I read this, it honestly hurt my head. I could feel my eye starting to twitch. This person must be trolling Facebook, or are they really that naive? While visiting the group Wyoming Through The Lens, someone asked this seemingly innocent question:

If the visitors center is closed, can we still see Devils Tower?

We've removed all names to protect the innocent (or ignorant.) I've lived around the mountains all my life, and I thought it was apparent that mountains are ... well, mountainous. The surprising thing is how many people answered nicely. But others (like myself) go into full-blown sarcasm mode.

"No its deflated"

"No, if the visitors center is closed they keep the curtains drawn around Devils Tower. On the plus side, it is the largest curtain in the world."

"Watch out for the spaceship 🚀 landing area"

"No, they put up the overnight tarp. I mean, you can see it, but it's covered up, and you can't climb it with the tarp and everything."

"I've seen them take down the Tetons for cleaning and then reinflate them later in the day. usually on foggy mornings."

Ok, so I am guilty of being a jerk when the person who posted this probably meant, "can you access Devils Tower when the tourist center is closed." I'm sure you could search through my writings to find errors, so I should probably give this person some grace. If fact, I should probably thank them for the laugh.

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