Plastic bags helped spread a fire at the Black Hills Lignite plant on Wednesday.

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That's according to Glenrock Fire Department Chief Shon Lindsey, who told K2 Radio News that it was a series of unfortunate events that led to a fire just outside of Glenrock that produced a lot of black smoke, and a lot of worry, among residents.

"The Glenrock Fire Department is on scene at this active fire outside of the buildings," Converse County Emergency Management wrote on their Facebook page Wednesday night. "There is no threat to the community and is contained to the Lignite Plant property."

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The fire took just a couple hours to contain and, according to Chief Lindsey, it started out as a dumpster fire.

"Basically, a dumpster was on fire," Chief Lindsey told K2 Radio News on Wednesday night. "Then the fire spread to a bunch of plastic bags from their product."

Lignite is a form of coal that is combustible and flammable, but it has a high moisture content and a low BTU value. According to Vedantu, lignite has a variety of uses, including electricity generation, production of fertilizers, home heating, and synthetic natural gas production.

The fire was contained to the plant and there were no reported injuries as a result.

"It's all under control," Chief Lindsey said. "It's out and we just got back to the hall."

This was, presumably, an example of putting the 'ignite' in 'lignite.'

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