Even though the mail delivery system only lasted 18 months, it made a lasting impression. Just going to show how much we love history in Wyoming, the legendary Pony Express will be back in action this holiday season. You can have Pony Express riders will pick up and deliver your Christmas cards and letters in time for Christmas.

There is a little bit of a catch, though.

Cards and letters are being collected at the Douglas Post Office and Douglas Feed through Friday December 3rd at 4:30pm. They will be carried from Douglas to Glendo on Saturday.

If you miss that deadline, the Pony Express Christmas card run riders will be picking the letters up from Pony Express drop boxes at any post office in Wyoming's Goshen and Platte counties (full list and addresses below).  As long as you have proper normal postage stamps on your mail, you can add a very special piece of history to the cards and letters you're sending friends and family.

You have until Noon on Wednesday December 8th to get your cards and letters into the drop boxes and will be picked up and carried by horseback from Fort Laramie to Guernsey. All letters and cards will receive the special Pony Express Stamp and be delivered to the U.S. Postal System. The mail will then enter the normal mail system and delivered.

Here is a list of Goshen and Platte county Post offices from County Offices.org

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