A stovetop fire early Thursday morning caused enough damage to make a Casper apartment uninhabitable. According to Casper Fire-EMS, they were called out shortly after 5:00 Thursday morning to a structure fire at 1956 Westwood Hill.

They found an apartment in the building full of smoke, and quickly located and put out a small fire located on the stove of one of the lower apartments. The resident of the apartment was not home at the time. Investigators determined the cause to be "accidental activation" of the stove while the resident was leaving for work. The resident resident bumped the range’s control knob, inadvertently turning on the stove. An alert neighbor smelled the smoke and dialed 911.

The apartment sustained damage to the stove and cabinets, but it was deemed habitable. No injuries were initially reported.

From Casper Fire-EMS:

"Casper Fire-EMS reminds everyone to remain vigilant while preparing food and operating stoves, especially during the upcoming holiday season. In this instance, the damage was limited because the kitchen was kept tidy. Keep anything that can catch fire – oven mitts, wooden utensils, towels, curtains, and food packaging – away from your cooktop. Keep your stovetop, oven, and burners clean. Above all, operate any heating source with an abundance of caution – keep in mind that fire is everyone’s fight, and it begins with you."

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