The Evansville Police Department put out a notice that they have apprehended two individuals that had been breaking into cars in Evansville, Saturday night.

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The notice stated that they currently have two people in custody, one adult and one juvenile. At this point, the PD believes that at least 15 cars were broken into, but they said that those who were victimized should get in touch with the Evansville Police Department to reclaim their belongings.

The Evansville PD stated that “If you see foot tracks around your vehicle, or someone next door to you, please contact dispatch and give [us] your address.”

The notice stated that some stolen items have been recovered, and officers will need help in identifying who the items belong to.

The notice said that officers have also caused some footprints in the snow, as they were retracing the tracks the two suspects had left when they were breaking into the vehicles.

“Once [officers] are done interview the two suspects, they will be taken to their respective detention centers and booked in on charges,” the noticed stated. “Please be patient with the officers if they don’t get back with you immediately, as they have a lot of people to talk with [regarding] the case. Rest assured, once you have contacted dispatch and given them your information, you will be contacted. Please understand that if crashes or other emergency-type cases come up while they are investigating, they have to take those calls as well, [which] may delay responding back until the emergency is over.”

Evansville PD also note that even if you were not victimized, but see foot tracks around your home or your neighbors’ homes, let your neighbor know so that they can report it.

The number to the Evansville Police Department dispatch is 307-234-1270.

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