We do see the occasional tornado in Wyoming, but very few of us will see one like a famous storm chaser who just shared video from inside a twister that hit Wyoming many years ago.

Meteorologist Reed Timmer is one of the well-known storm chasers in America. He's been featured on reality TV show Storm Chasers and Accuweather. Just a few days ago, Reed shared video from a chase he did in Wyoming nearly 12 years ago. It was near the tiny town of LaGrange where he and his team placed their vehicle inside of a tornado and recorded video from inside the vortex.

Here's a snippet of what Reed said on YouTube about this capture:

Check out this raw footage of one of the most extreme tornado intercepts with the Dominator 1, near Lagrange, Wyoming on June 5, 2009. We measured the strongest wind ever recorded with a Dominator of 155.2 mph inside this roping out tornado. I have intercepted more tornadoes per chase in the state of Wyoming than most other states.

For reference, LaGrange is barely Wyoming. It's just a hop, skip and a jump from the Nebraska border.

Google Maps Satellite View
Google Maps Satellite View

There are a couple of big disclaimers for Reed's video. First of all, he's a professional storm chaser and meteorologist. Second, the vehicle Reed and his team were in was specially built to sustain tornadic winds.

If you find Reed's storm chases compelling, make sure to follow him on YouTube and his official Tornado Videos.net Facebook page. Reed is rarely ever dull.

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