“Did you get my dogs out?!,” yells a man as firefighters tend to his burning Detroit home. He wants to go back in to rescue his pets, but is told to step back.

The man calms a bit when he sees two of the firefighters emerging with his beloved pooches. However, things are not looking so good for the dogs, who are motionless in the firefighters’ arms, and appear to be suffering from severe smoke inhalation.

The firefighters put the dogs on the ground and the owner and the rescuers begin petting them, hoping that will revive the canines. But it doesn’t. So the firefighter gives each dog a blast from his oxygen mask. The bigger dog wakes up first, and begins wagging its tail. Then the smaller dog perks up and starts stumbling about. He’s disoriented, but is going to be OK.

This amazing footage is from the new documentary ‘Burn,’ which impressed earlier this year at the Tribeca Film Festival. You can learn more about the movie at its website. Also, you can exhale now.

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