When you find a good thing it's best to keep it or keep at it, as in the case of the Fishin' Hippy. Glendo was fruitful in search of the elusive ''eyes!'' This last trip was very successful and we were informed that the walleye fishing would continue to be good.Well the Hippy never lies! On his most recent trips (4 days in a row) the success continued. The Hippy has found a niche using hard plastic crank baits. "Most people are still using live minnows, leeches and even night crawlers, jigging them off the bottom." Some people are even catching walleye with soft plastics too.

The Hippy also credits In-Fisherman magazine (there's a TV show too) with providing valuable information about a "crank" from Berkley that he uses. Walleye feeding patterns also went into making decisions on what colors the Hippy would use. The choices were dead on! Four days straight the Hippy caught 15-25 "eyes" ranging from 15-23 inches in length!

Lady "T" (Hippy's companion) even got in on the action. For the first time in her life she caught her first limit of walleye, as did the other people along for the outings. Hippy loves to share his love of fishing with anyone who has the time and wants to get better at angling.

After a few days break to fish Bass Lake, the temptation of Glendo returned, but without the success in the past. By now the water level is two feet  lower than the last trip and the fish are harder to catch.

What to do now? Change tactics! Now the Hippy is trolling (rather than casting and retrieving) his crank baits behind the boat in 10-15 feet of water and once again 'hammered' the "eyes!"

The Hippy was willing to change his tactics and followed the fish for another spectacular outing on Glendo. Tomorrow will tell if all was a fluke, or if the Hippy is on to something. Yes, he's headed back to the lake.

Next time we'll chat about the elusive and Wiley Bass! Remember to protect our wild outdoor places and enjoy your time on the water!