The Glendo Wyoming annual fly-in has been happening successfully for 15 years. Yet still, most people have never heard of it. That's a shame, because it's really a spectacular event.

A "fly-in" is like a car show, but with airplanes.

Most fly-in events were canceled in 2020, but many smaller ones are still happening.

Some are planned annual events, some are random one time events when pilots contact each other through social media and call old friends. They'll pick a random airport and come in from all over to have breakfast at a local diner then zip back home.

Planes from all over the region show up in Glendo, with parachutes and other odd and fun ways to take to the air. There are neatly parked rows of new planes and vintage planes, even homemade and experimental aircraft.

They have food and porta-potties. Even contests for the pilots, like dropping a bag of flour from their plane on to the field to see who can get closest to the target. Folks camp on the ground under the shade trees, which is a short stroll from the reservoir. They set up lawn chairs and watch the pilots fly by and show off their planes.

All aircraft is parked in rows to allow people to walk among them and, like at a car show, chat with their proud owners.

In the video above, you'll see my tour of the air field, my conversation with some pilots, and some fun flights I was invited on.

But the big thrill for me was the ride I took in the old vintage fighter trainer. Wait for that one - there was a surprise for me at the end. A life event that I never thought would happen to me.

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