You thought they had you crammed in like sardines before?  Some of these ideas make it worse. Some, but not all. A few of these ideas are, maybe, a bit better.

Airlines are always looking for better ways to cram more people in while not making them too uncomfortable in the process. Designers are always looking for new ideas. They patent those plans in the hopes that the airlines will pick one of the many ideas they have drawn up. The vast majority of these ideas are rejected, thankfully.

In the videos we have for you below, you can see several ideas that have been drawn up and submitted over the years. Airlines are looking at them to see if anything will actually work.

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Can you imagine standing seating for short fights? Yeah, that is proposed. basically you strap into something that is almost a standing position. I don't think anyone wants that.

It is possible that one day you'll board an airplane and note some pleasant changes. Let's hope they are pleasant. I can't imagine how it could get worse than it already is.

But as much as the airlines want to cram more people in, to make more money with fewer flights, they also have to worry about those blasted laws of physics. A plane of a certain size can only carry so much weight.

They also need to worry about people getting up and going to the toilet, and emergency exiting during a disaster.

Then there is that other pesky problem of people only being willing to put up with so much. So whatever new idea an airliner chooses they need to make sure it doesn't cause people to quit flying with them.



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