It's not the most frightening thing that can happen while flying a small plane, but it's up in the top five. The engine quits and the plane is now essentially a glider. There is a frantic couple of minutes to try and restart the engine before the pilot has to start looking for an open patch below to set the plane down.

In the video above you'll see two men working to restart the engine of their small plane. The propeller appears to be stuck.

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The gentleman in the front seat pulls a risky move. He is able to grab a support beam, lean out around the windshield, and grab the propeller with his other hand. He has one leg outside of the plane, his foot resting on the wing strut as he steps out, then on to the wheel. The only measure of safety is the rope tied around his waist.

He gives the propeller a spin in the hopes of unsticking it and manually restarting it at the same time.

It works.

The engine restarts and he is able to get his hand out of the way before the blade comes around and smacks it. More importantly, he is able to pull himself back into the airplane.

"Thanks," the pilot says. Understatement of the year, maybe.

Though I'm sure their adrenaline was pumping, the two men seem calm the entire time as they work the problem. Though, I'm sure they will be talking about this for the rest of their lives.


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