Lift tickets for Hogadon Ski Area will be more expensive for first time buyers. They have no way to verify whether a customer is a first time buyer and officials say some people are abusing the system. People who bought the passes paid $185 compared to $265 for a standard preseason pass according to CBS5.

Other price points are: $250 for children, $365 for youth ages 13 to 18 and $900 for two adult and two child passes. Rates will increase next season with the opening of the new ski lodge says the Star Tribune.

The original goal of the first-time discount was to entice young Casper residents to start skiing, but the ski area determined that almost 200 of the 300 reduced-cost passes sold annually were going to adults.

Hogadon is 11 miles of the Oil City on Casper Mountain and only twenty minutes away from downtown Casper.

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