China's air pollution issues are nothing new.  Mass industrialization has covered much of Northern China in a dense toxic fog.   Philanthropist and recycling entrepreneur, Chen Guangbiao is currently marketing a solution to help citizens breathe easier.  Fresh air!  In a can.


I don't know how many of you have seen the movie Spaceballs, but this looks a little familiar.  In this spoof of Star Wars, the Mel Brooks character is a president trying to steal all the fresh air from Planet Druidia.  While he schemes to do so, he holds himself over with some canned fresh air (pictured left).  What was once a joke in a movie in now a reality.  However; the air in the cans coming from China does not come from Planet Druidia.  The air comes from pristine regions of China such as Xinjiang in the northwest to Taiwan.  Each soda can sized can is going for 5 yuan each ( about $0.80).  Over ten million cans sold in the first ten days.  This concept may offer some temporary relief, but will in no way solve any pollution issue.  Some critics have pointed out that the disposal and recycling of all these cans will ultimately contribute more to the pollution problem.

Luckily here in Wyoming we don't have such issues.  We don't have near enough the population to create such pollution.  Our arch nemesis, the wind, helps out alot with keeping our air constantly fresh.  Would you ever buy a can of fresh air if needed?

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