Wyoming game wardens are investigating recent poaching in the northern part of the state.

On August 30, Wyoming Game and Fish Access Yes Coordinator Tony Tobiasson responded to a reported dead elk a few hundred yards from the Upper Powder River Road, north of Interstate 90.

The bull elk had been shot and its head was removed, likely on Aug. 29, according to a Wyoming Game and Fish press release. Everything else on the elk was left to rot. It was found in elk area 129. The elk season in that area did not open until Sunday.

"Everything about this killing was illegal and unethical," Tobiasson said in the release. "We really hope someone comes forward with a tip that will help solve this case."

Anyone with information is encouraged to contact Tobiasson at 307-684-2489, Buffalo game warden Jim Seeman at 307-684-5223 or call the STOP POACHING hotline at 1-877-WGFD-TIP.

Tips can also be submitted here. 

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