More than four decades after the sessions for the album, a previously unheard George Harrison guitar solo for the Beatles‘ ‘Abbey Road’ classic ‘Here Comes the Sun’ has been discovered — and not only can you hear it, you can see video of the track being heard for the first time by George’s son Dhani, producer George Martin’s son Giles, and George Martin himself, who admits he’d forgotten the solo even existed.

In the brief clip, embedded below, the three men are seated at an Abbey Road mixing desk going through the ‘Here Comes the Sun’ master tapes, discussing the evolution of the song and the way the tracks came together in the studio. To their visible surprise — and Dhani’s evident joy — they happen to hit the right fader at the right time, and they get to rediscover a bit of lost history in front of the camera.

Take a listen to the solo and let us know what you think. Did the Beatles make the right decision when they left this solo out of the finished version of ‘Here Comes the Sun?’

Lost George Harrison Guitar solo Discovered for ‘Here Comes the Sun’

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