In Wyoming the question of a nice Christmas tree is just about where ever you want to go get it – from just online to cutting your own in the wilderness - or at least going to  Wal-Mart. At Wally World most trees are artificial, if that's not considered blasphemy.

Jupiterimages/Think Stock
Jupiterimages/Think Stock

You know you don’t have to leave your house, with websites like Green Valley Christmas Trees. (The photos are very pretty, but so are the prices.) Just click your choice of Green Valley's tree varieties, let them cut it, and ship free. For those who are fine with that, see also We Hang Christmas Lights.

Many prefer a whole experience that traditionally starts with the purchase of a permit from the BLM, and they take it from there with any more questions. Usually the closest location is just down the road, in Wyomingite terms.

Another site you may enjoy is, including links to not just various forests, but also great holiday events, decoration shops, etc...

Merry Christmas!

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