A repeat shoplifting offender is accused of going back to his old habits.

Forty-one year old James Comstock has been arrested for larceny, criminal entry and shoplifting.

Investigators with the Casper Police Department say from July through December 2016, there were numerous instances when Comstock would take items from either Casper Walmart store or Target, without paying.

In some instances he would return the items fraudulently for a refund, and some of the items were being kept in a vehicle that was reported stolen from a dealership and was "filled to the brim" with an estimated $6,000 worth of shoplifted items and drug paraphernalia.

Eventually Comstock was found sleeping in the storage units under construction on forest drive, with several items that allegedly had recently been shoplifted, and several items that had allegedly been stolen from the construction that was going on.

Investigators have since collected various video evidence from the reported shoplifting instances.

Earlier in December, Comstock had been released from jail after serving time in an unrelated matter.

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